Free Guide: 55 Media Angles for Vegan Business Owners

How to easily and regularly come up with story ideas to pitch journalists to get free publicity for your brand!

Getting into the media is a fantastic way to boost your profile and get in front of a lot of people – FAST.
But, you must NEVER contact a journalist, editor or producer and ask them for publicity. It’s not our job to do your PR for you. Our job is to provide valuable content for our audience, which informs, entertains or inspires.

To be successful in getting media coverage, you MUST pitch targeted outlets with STORY ideas or ANGLES – also known as HOOKS.
A hook – much likes clothes hanger – is what the media uses to ‘hang’ a story off. It’s a reason to cover a particular issue, person, product or service.
I'm Katrina Fox, founder of Vegan Business Media, journalist with 17 years' experience and media coach. Let me help you get free publicity by being featured in  the media!

In this Free Guide, You'll Get:

  • 55 media angles to help you brainstorm ideas to pitch to journalists so you or your vegan-run business gets featured in the media.
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